Compass Primary School


The Globe Nursery and Compass Primary School cooperate very closely.
Parents whose children attend The Globe Nursery often struggle to find an adequate follow-up school for their children. A school with the same qualities, a school that meets the following requirements:
• to be bilingual
• to have small classes where individual needs of every child are respected
• to have a good quality educational programme
Educational programmes of The Globe Nursery and Compass Primary School are based on the same teaching philosophy and principles. Compass offers a biligual environment, where experiential and active methods of work are employed. The school’s teaching philosophy is child-centred and focuses on the individual needs, abilities and interests of the children.

We believe that Compass Primary School is the school that meets expectations of both the parents and the children and look forward to organising common social and sport events in the future.

Mixed classes: We have had a great interest from parents from our pre school ‘The Globe’ and thus successfully opened first grade class. We also are excited to welcome older children which means we also have a second grade class that is a of a combined age group. We feel that this is of great advantage for all, as the class sizes are very small (max 8) so the teacher can offer one-to-one education, catering for all the learners various levels. We like to focus more on ability then age.

 The characteristic features mixed-age teaching will provide:

  1. Encouragement or group work, supporting mutual understanding of difference in a joyful and positive learning environment.
  2. Allow the learners to cooperate and work as team, networking, team building.
  3. Individualized teaching approach to ensure that students needs and potentials are reached to there greatest.

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