Philosophy and program

    Each child is a unique human being with a desire to explore and perceive every detail. Children in our kindergarten are enabled to experience their everyday life to the fullest with all their senses and to actively create their own program.  Our children are encouraged to act freely without suppressing their natural talents and inclinations.
    We help our children to understand that Planet Earth is unique and remarkable, like them, and that we all must share the responsibility for its well-being. Through structured exploration of The Globe, children learn to understand and embrace all aspects of their beloved planet as well as the Universe. To care for our planet results in the direct care of not only ourselves, but also our loved ones, nature, animals and future generations. This philosophy goes hand-in-hand with the healthy lifestyle that we promote at our school.
    It is a well-known fact that pre-school age children learn foreign languages much easier than later on in life. We create an environment where learning English becomes natural and fun, yet individual pace and abilities of each child are always considered. The goal is to develop both languages (Czech and English) simultaneously and in mutual harmony – without pressure, false expectations or strict rules.
    Our main aim is to raise children to be independent individuals, yet to understand the importance of team work, sharing and cooperation among others. This shall be ideally applied to all aspects of their lives. Our school builds and develops healthy and functional relationships among all active components of the upbringing process – children, their parents and teachers.
    Teachers are to guide children through this important period of their lives. Their role is not meant to be superior, but rather cooperative. This is a journey not only for the children, but the pedagogues as well; they are to learn and to develop further as the learning process never ends. The teachers are  to demonstrate a high level of moral qualities as a base for natural authority and mutual trust.

    … This all is based on Learning by experience, characterized by the following:
  • Direct experience
  • Joy of learning
  • The need to explore
  • Spontaneity and curiosity
  • All senses involved
  • Endorsement for activity and creativity
  • Gaining new experiences in a real every-day life settings


We follow our own curriculum which has organically been created and inspired by all teachers at The Globe. Our curriculum continues to evolve with each year, through collaboration of new and existing teachers, to meet the needs of all children and families.

What’s our curriculum about?

  • From September to June, we travel around the world through all of its amazing continents. In September and October we initiate our journey at home – Europe, in November and December we move to North America, in January we make a long trip to Antarctica and the Arctic, in February we travel to Asia, in March South America, in April we discover Australia and we finish our journey in May, when we go to Africa. June is the month of the whole planet, when we celebrate all continents and reflect on our journey by celebrating the planets, nature, geography, people, nations, their traditions and we also speak about global problems.
  • We believe in learning by doing, therefore we are often organizing events, participating in workshops and inviting guests to our school. For example during the week of music we enjoyed a live concert at our school, in the week of crafts we prepared and baked our own bread and made paper. During the week of health and senses we had The Teddy Bear doctors visit us and visit from dentists.
  • Seasons, weather, traditions and celebrations: During our daily circle-time, we use this time to think about the things around us, things that have a direct affect on our lives. We talk about the weather, seasons, Czech and English traditions and festivities. Teachers usually lead this time through song, mime, theatre and interactive games.
  • Czech and English department plan their curriculum to achieve expected goals. They together discuss the plans to make a program for the children that is interesting and enjoyable, using different types of methods. We never do anything just for the plan, the most important thing is their interest and internal motivation. Some weeks we do projects where the entire school follows one theme and the groups present it at the end of the week for others, through performance, show and tell or art.
  • All themes are taught in both languages, according to the childrens’ age and abilities, we develop their vocabulary in Czech and English.
  • Preschool education – we develop children in all areas – social, physical, emotional, in all years of their preschool attendance. We also have a pre-school preparation program. Please read more about this in ‘Clubs.’
  • Every month we organize a trip, e.g. to the Zoo, pumpkin farm, planetarium, silver mines in Kutná Hora,… We invite different visits to the Globe like the environmental center Kavyl, actors from Pruhované panenky, students from Prague Medical School, foreign students from AISEC Edison Little program, our parents and others. This supports our need to teach the children through ‘doing’, experiencing and inspiration.