Mgr. Eliška Adámková
12th October 1976 Director PedfUK, Biology – Family education

After my return from studies in Australia in 2004, I started working for the OPEN GATE – Boarding School project. I was a member of the foundation team of this 8-year secondary boarding school in Babice near Říčany. I was in charge of the recruitment of foreign teachers, design and distribution of marketing materials, school equipment and the introduction of school uniforms. I was also responsible for the organisation of the school open days and other marketing events, as well as functional budgets. After the school opened, I worked as part of the management team. As an office manager, I was responsible for the coordination of the after-school educational program and I was in charge of communication with external service providers for the school and its large premises. I also worked as a social science teacher, drug abuse prevention specialist and a career development counsellor.

„Working with children, their parents and teachers of our school makes me incredibly pleased and I like creating the background that brings joy to everyone involved."
Kristýna Horáková
08.09.2000 Asistent pedagoga Střední odborná škola služeb - Sociální činnost

I always wanted to work with children. This was one of the reasons why I graduated from a secondary school of services with a focus on social activities. Thanks to this I can take care of children. I like to teach children new things and see the progress they make. This brings me joy and energy.  I am most looking forward to the joint art activities and reading fairy tales to the children.I’ve known about The Globe since 2017, when I was babysitting a boy who attended this kindergarten. When I found out that they were looking for a new staff memeber, I knew right away that I had to try it, and it worked out successfully. I am happy to work in a beautiful environment and the team here at The Globe. It’s a magical dream job for me.



Kateřina Malypetrová
9th December 1975 Assistent of director High School of Economics

After studying at high school and spending some months abroad, I have worked for my vhole life in services and administration. Because i like to working with people when there was an offer to work in Earth, there was nothing to think about. What can be better than working with people? Work with great people

Who has never been a child can not become an adult.
Michal Adamec
23rd June 1987 Teacher FTVS UK - physical education and sport

My first experience with the education of children I have gained during my studies at secondary pedagogical school. During my university studies at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport in Prague I worked as an instructor of outdoor activities for various age groups of children to adults. I have also received a license for school instructor of skiing, snowboarding, climbing etc. After my university graduation I started to work as a teacher in a kindergarten, where I worked for two years and were I realized that working with children is the perfect job for me.

“Is there any other job where you can sit on the floor, play a guitar or play with lego and help with the development of the others?”
Veronika Langlands
14.3.1992 Teacher VOŠS Jihlava, The Office of Qualifications and Examinations England

I’ve always felt very connected with children. After graduating from Hotel high school, I traveled to England and worked as an au pair for several months. I love to learn new things and study and I decided to complete my education and I graduated from the Higher School of Social studies, focused on social work and social pedagogy. I chose an internship connected with children, I worked with children with special needs, as a teacher’s assistant at a special primary school and also in a children’s center. However, I got itchy feet and wanted to travel and gain some more experiences abroad. My next steps led me to work with children, which I’ve always enjoyed the most. I found a job in a nursery in England and at the same time I was studying and I completed a Level 2 and 3 childcare – pre-school education. After seven year abroad, I returned home, back to Czech. I fulfilled my dream and I became yoga instructor and at the same time worked as a nanny. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to work in the nursery Zeměkoule.  I like to develop children’s imagination and fantasy and teach them in a playful ways with a focus on individual needs. My job is a hobby for me. Just as children learn from us adults, we have so much to learn from our kids.

Just as children learn from us adults, we have so much to learn from our kids.
Mgr. Martina Šašková Němcová
24.6.1977 Pedagog JU PedF, UK PedF

My life has revolved around children since high school, where I graduated as a kindergarten teacher. This was followed by work experience in kindergartens, both “ordinary” ones and in a kindergarten for children with special educational needs or in one of my own, varied by studies at various universities (second level teaching, preschool pedagogy, first level teaching, educational management) and interspersed with several maternity leaves. It is not only with children that I find fulfillment in various creative activities, playing the piano, relaxing by being in nature and organizing children’s camps in the summer. I try to approach children in a “non-educational” way, in the spirit of a method based on partnership, communication and agreement. In the last few years, mathematics has also come into my life, in a form that is understandable even for a “kindergarten teacher”, i.e. mathematics using the Hejny method, which has become my next love and which also led me to the Earthsphere Kindergarten, with which I have been working for several years.


You can tell a good kindergarten by the fact that the teachers and other people in it are happy. Only happy teachers can create an environment for happy children. And Globeis like that.
Jitka Chocenská
29th September 1972 Teacher

I have been working with children for the past 15 years. Including, the position of ‘Nanny’, seasonal camp teacher. And currently I also run a sport activity club for preschool children. I have a special interest for working with disabled children, and have successfully completed a basic course in sign language for the deaf. I attended the Institute of Pedagogical and Psychological Counseling, and qualified as a teacher assistant. I have witnessed The Globe blossom since 2011, as I have been working as a part time nanny for a child that attends the preschool.

"I like children who are curious, open minded and playful. So why not learn from them? "
Jana Hlavsová
26th Octoberr 1993 Teacher UK PedF

My first experience with preschool children goes back to 2013, where I worked as an assistant in Karlínské spektrum, working with kids aged 3-6. Later on I was accepted to Jeden strom, z. ú. preschool, where I worked for four years as a teacher. In my class I have integrated children with language barriers or other special needs. I have worked with specialists and personal assistants on daily basis to ensure the best possible care for integrated children. Because I find my work to be my passion I applied to the Faculty of Primary education at the Charles University in Prague in 2014. During my studies I specialised in arts and preschool drama education, which I find to be very fun and useful in my daily work. I find joy in what I do and am very happy to now get to work in such a beautiful and friendly environment that is The Globe.

cooperated with ecological centre Zvoneček, where I was in charge of free activities for children.

It is only with the heart that one cane see rightly , what is essential is invisible to the eye
Spencer Derr
11.3.1992 Teacher BA in Theatre Arts from California

“Spencer hails from California – a distance mirroring his multitude of experiences before arriving at MŠ Zeměkoule. From winemaker to artistic director, he imparts both the practical and the conceptual in his approach towards furthering the minds of the future. Children, like wine & art, are temperamental and it is necessary to adhere to their specific needs in order to develop their true potential.

In 2013, he received his BA in Theatre Arts from California, propelling himself into a life of an artist that ended in winemaker (Think LA & NY). In 2018, he arrived in Prague with the intent to help build a foundation for the young, receiving his TEFL and Young Learners’ certificates and thus working in a private international kindergarten for three years. Consequently, he worked in an international elementary school for two years, offering in addition to his workload: drama and chess courses, two of his favorite subjects which he loves to share with his students when given the opportunity. In 2023, he transferred to MŠ Zeměkoule to help improve the English and philosophical programs like no textbook can offer. Count to 5. In a blink of an eye, anything can happen. What a special number, a special age to be around!”

Alison Marie Wek
13.5.1995 Teacher BA in Cultural Anthropology

I finished my Bachelor’s in Cultural Anthropology in December of 2018 in the United States. I had the urge to move and explore something new, and that led me to take the TEFL course in Prague in September, 2019, where I also took a YLT (Young Learners Training) course that inspired me to work with children. I have previously worked at a preschool for three years and loved it. It was so rewarding and amazing to see how the children grew before my eyes, and how they really enjoyed learning a new language. I also have private lessons with students, ages ranging 5 to 16, as well as adults. It is so fulfilling to see the light in someone’s face when they understand a word or concept in another language. Through my experiences, I have learned new methods and tactics that help me provide individualistic care toward my students. I love to create stories with students and play movement games to help solidify English vocabulary. I play the ukulele, and hope to start learning the piano soon. My favorite activities include volleyball, hiking, and reading with my cat.  I love the energy and playfulness that children bring, and I look forward to each day’s new adventures.

“Children are sponges, always hungry for more, and I am honored to not only teach children, but to experience and learn from them as well.”
Iveta Hálová
15th May1964 Cafeteria manager Hotel school

I worked as the head waitress and later as a cook at a variety of restaurants. I am very fond of children and like working with them therefore I have participated in childrens’ summer camps as a trainee. From 2011 to 2012 I worked as a nanny for two families, one with two year old boy and second with 10 months old girl.

„I have been working with The Globe team since 2012 and I care about the well-being of the stomachs of all children and teachers."